X100S Silver vs. Black | Fuji vs. Fuji

The latest Fuji camera to hit the streets is the FUJIFILM X100S Black Edition. Unlike with the X100LE, the X100S Black doesn’t come with any extra goodies in the box like a case, filter attachment, or hood. It also doesn’t come with a premium price over it’s silver sibling. You can buy a brand new X100S in black for the same price as the X100S in silver. If you can find one in stock of course. I managed to get my hands on one, and I decided to dedicate a vast amount of time and effort to compare and contrast the real world differences—of which there are some—between the old and busted silver X100S, and the shiny new black one. Let’s have a look. Well, they definitely both come in boxes, that’s good. But what’s this? There seems to be an extra marking on the black one. It clearly reads “Black”. If you’re fortunate enough to live in Canada, as I do, it will also include the word “Noir”. Our first difference! This begs the question, will the silver boxes be revised to include a sticker with proper denotation of the fact that the camera is in fact silver? Moving on…..

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