XF16mm F1.4 Initial Reactions | Ben Cherry

I have been using a prototype of this lovely lens for just over a month now and I have to say I have rather fallen for it. This is a problem as I already have and love the XF10-24mm! When I first received it, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would use it to photograph, but it quickly became apparent that this lens, despite being a relatively large prime, is extremely flexible. Similar to the XF23mm F1.4, this lens is slightly larger, I suspect this is partly due to the inclusion of weather resistant sealing (WR) which I am very happy about. Aimed at a variety of photographers, many of which will be working outside, the added reassurance of WR is very welcome when combined with the X-T1 which is also WR (not that I have actually had any issues with a non-WR lens or body before while in the field). Note that the filter size is 67mm, compared to 62mm for the XF23mm and XF56mm lenses. This is slightly annoying as it would be nice to only have one set of thread filters to carry around for this trio. But I prefer this slight problem to not having WR……..

Source: bencherryphotos.wordpress.com

Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4

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