Zion – Landscape Photography | Mac Sokulski

This little day trip, happened over a year ago, and the photos where sitting on my hard drive collecting digital dust.  There are many others, that might see the light of day, or may not.  Procrastination and the fact that I wasn’t overly happy with the images played into the fact why I waited so long.  Personally I do not like changing my landscape photos, apart from small details and colors.  I never been a fan of replacing skies either.  First I find the task daunting, and second I like to leave some semblance of realism in my images.  If there are no clouds, then there are no clouds.  I have nothing against people who do that, nothing at all… I’m just lazy and frankly couldn’t be bothered. Being an opportunistic photographer, I don’t have the luxury of time, and spending a few days at a location, waiting for mother nature to smile.  I take what I’m given :)  Some say, that I’m wasting my time and pixels, but I disagree……..

Source: www.miksmedia.photography

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