14 Things I Have Learned From Being a Photographer |
Alexandra Cameron

I am not at the top. I’m not even skating the middle, but I have been doing this photography thing for a while, and there are some things I’ve learned along the way that I thought I would put out to the universe. Mainly because these things were bouncing around in my head and it’s nice to put things out there… so here they are.

#1. It’s Okay to Compare

…because it’s going to happen anyway. I don’t care if you’re a 14 year old who has just picked up a camera for the first time or if you’re Annie Leibovitz, you’re always going to compare yourself and your work with other people. Here’s the important part, though: don’t let it stop you! They are them and you are you. They take those photos, and sure they’re cool, but that’s their brain, and you know what? You know what they don’t have? Your brain! Your brain — and imagination — is full of stuff that isn’t inside theirs! And lets just stop and celebrate that for a sec.Pretty cool, huh? You can’t let what they’re doing stop you. Let it inspire you, let it spur you on. You have to keep on the path you are on and if you keep trying, you’ll start taking photos where you look at the finished project and think, “yeah, I created that… I rock!” And you do……..

Source: petapixel.com