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iPhone 6 vs. Regular Camera … Fight! – Vantage – Medium

Have you noticed something weird about the photos that come out of the iPhone 6? They’re less vibrant, flatter, lacking in contrast compared to shots from the iPhones 5, and to photos from most other phones and point-and-shoot cameras. This realization got me excited. Do you know what else looks flat and dull out of even the best cameras? RAW files, the unprocessed soup of picture data that some cameras offer you instead of a nicely pre-pepped JPG. And this got me thinking — are the iPhone 6’s images designed to be edited? After all, iOS 8 is all about editing photos, with “extensions” that let you use powerful image-processing apps without leaving the comfort of your Photo Library. To test this theory, I took the same pictures with the iPhone 6 and my Fujifilm X100S and pushed them around in Adobe’s Lightroom app. If I’d had an iPhone 6 Plus the results would have been identical — the only difference between the 6 and 6 Plus, camera-wise, is the optically-stabilized lens on the bigger iPhone…..

Source: medium.com

Fuji X100S

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