2014: A quick Review | Dave Young

Having started 2014 excited but also rather frustrated with my X-Pro1, I’ve really enjoyed the past 12 months of Fuji ownership. Owning just the 18-55mm zoom and 35mm f/1.4 prime lens I’ve always felt my options were a little limited, and as good as the zoom kit lens is, I just didn’t feel mine was really that great. So in the end I almost defaulted to using the 35mm most of the time and the 18-55 as and when I wanted to go a little wider or longer. Of course the 35mm is such a good lens, almost anything else just doesn’t seem fair to match up against, I’ve persevered with it, but still have that nagging thought in the back of my mind to go either with the 14mm or 18mm prime lens. Possibly because I simply prefer shooting with a prime lens. I did have the chance to try out a 55-200mm lens during the year which I really liked. Again one of Fujis under rated lenses and one I would certainly consider. I rarely shoot above 60mm, but this is a lens I would find room in my kit bag for……..

Source: daveyoungfotografia.co.uk

Fuji X-T1

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