35mm f/1.4 vs. 35mm f/2 WR | Fuji vs. Fuji

We like refer to the 50mm equivalent as “normal,” the focal length chosen to most closely match our own field of view. Despite this rather boring moniker, the normal lens is used by a huge number of photographers to create spectacular images. If I could have only one focal length, it would be 50mm. It’s an awfully important focal length to get right with multiple camera companies offering a dizzying array of choices in the normal range. Up until recently, Fuji had a single option. Fortunately, it’s an excellent one. Yes, focus can be slow on occasion, particularly in poor light, but optically, it is stellar. The new weather sealed option has a lot to live up to. In this versus piece, we’ll explore how well it does………

Source: www.fujivsfuji.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 35mm F2.0 R WR

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