X-Pro1? A good call | Paul Perton

Three months and a milestone birthday ago, I wrote Going a bit more Fuji; stopping the Leica itch (a quickie)about buying an X-Pro1 and being seriously excited at the prospect. As it turns out, I was right to be. Although I was more than three years behind the rest of the photographic world in discovering the X-Pro, my tardiness did me no harm. And, already being familiar with the X100T, setting up the X-Pro proved to be pretty straightforward. On that day in Agra*, I put aside my much loved Sony NEX-7, took up this Leica-alike and let it work it’s magic. Magic it is, too. The body is re-assuringly solid, the viewfinder switchable between optical and digital, the shooting modes easily selectable and sensible, the film simulation(s) useful and a definite reason I’d recommend it to anyone else thinking of moving in this direction……..

Source: www.dearsusan.net

Fuji X-Pro1

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