A Practical Review of the Fuji XF 27mm | Joe Jongue

Let’s face it, a pancake lens is not something you would normally go out and buy as your first lens however if I could turn back time the XF 27mm f2.8 would have been one of the first lens I add to my kit. This won’t be your typical lens review with charts and numbers instead I’ll discuss the lens in practical everyday use, the Pros, and Cons along with sample photos. The 27mm falls in the same family as other pancakes such Canon’s 24mm & 40mm, Olympus 17mm and the Nikkor 10mm just to name a few. In the past pancake lenses haven’t been known for their image quality and are rather slow with apertures usually set between f2 and f2.8, they are like an acquired taste, you either like them or you hate them. Those that do like them do so for their size and portability so naturally when Fuji’s 27mm was released there wasn’t much love for this lens…….

Source: A Practical Review of the Fuji XF 27mm