Adventures in Nice, with the Fuji X-E1 | Thomas Fitzgerald

I posted some of my images from the recent trip that I took to Nice, in the south of France last week. As I wrote, most of the time I just used my iPhone to take photos, mainly because we were there to relax and take it easy. I did have my little fuji with me too though, and I did get to take some shots with that too. At first I was having a little difficulty shooting with the X-E1. The reason was that the sun was really bright, and I was finding it hard to see both the viewfinder and the screen. Images on the viewfinder were really dark, and because I’m a glasses wearer too, my eyes don’t go right up against the eye socket, so sometimes the glare can make it even harder to see, but I’m not really sure what was going on. It’s possible that the evf in my camera is dying, as it was quite dim. Anyway, I eventually got used to it and interpreting what I was seeing with how it would turn out, but at first it certainly wasn’t helping the relaxing! I was longing for an optical viewfinder, and I really appreciated the old pentaprism view of the film camera I had with me. It’s not generally an issue in the normally dim Irish sunshine! ……


Fuji X-E1

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