Camera Review – FUJI XT-1 | Vladbusuioc

I want to start off by saying I love Fuji as a company. I love the way they listen to their customers and keep improving their cameras through firmware updates. It’s so refreshing to see, and something Sony, Canon and Nikon need to defiantly do more of rather just looking at their bottom line and releasing new bodies that are essentially the same (especially Canon is guilty of this). I’ve spent a lot of time with the XT-1. I’ve even sold some pictures to Magazines using it. So I can say I’ve managed to use it in professional manner having made money with it. (although I don’t consider myself a pro photographer as it’s not my primary means of making a living). Iv shot about 15-20k frames total on the Fuji XT1 so I have a pretty good idea of its strengths and weaknesses……..


Fuji X-T1

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