Be a Creator, Not a Consumer | Eric Kim

I love to buy shit. It makes me feel great. I feel cooler, handsomer, sexier, more powerful, and more important. I always feel that if I just bought “X” I would become happier. For example, if I bought a Leica, I would feel more “creative”, “inspired”, and become a better photographer. Not only that, but I would be more “respected” if I had a Leica. Underestimate how much joy material things will bring us. I know that we need some material things to survive. If you live in a suburb, it is preferable to own a car. If you work in the tech industry, it is preferable to own a smartphone. If you have children, having labor-saving devices are preferable. In “Thinking Fast, and Slow” psychologist Daniel Kahneman warns us— we should always under-estimate how much joy a material possession will bring us, because sooner or later— we will “adapt” to the joy it brings us………


Fujinon XF Lenses

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