Fujifilm Fujinon XF 35mm f/2 R WR Lens Review | John Riley

There’s no denying that nicely made lenses are a pleasure in themselves, small optical jewels. This Fujifilm lens is beautifully made with a metal exterior, which results in a surprisingly heavy optic for its compact size. Its solidity is not in doubt and it bayonets firmly and smoothly onto the Fujifilm cameras. There is no rotational play in the mount when seated. The manual focusing ring is situated towards the front of the lens, is well ribbed for grip and turns smoothly. It has a fairly high resistance but this does give a good and reliable feel to manual focusing. Being electronic in operation, this is a very different feel to the traditional focusing ring. Different, but neither better nor worse. There is an aperture ring towards the back of the lens. This is click-stopped in one-third of a stop increments, is silent and positive in operation and gives the impression of a high level of precision. Alternatively, there is an “A” setting on the ring, which allows the camera to control the aperture instead. With the Fujifilm X-A1 used for this review, the more natural way to work seems to be using the aperture ring to make the settings. The lens markings are engraved with precision and filled with white paint, a small point maybe, but one that is a pointer to the quality standards adhered to, as this can be more durable than surface printing…….

Source: www.ephotozine.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 35mm F2.0 R WR

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