Black Lights and the Fuji X-T1 | White Cube

This is quite an old project but thought it deserved to be resurrected….. One of the first concepts I did when I got the X-T1 is to try out some black light photography. I’ll tell you the story first… Then I’ll get technical. This was a collaboration between myself, Omar Hassib on video, Red Broad on make and up and our model and vocalist Pimms Brooke. Omar and I are from White Cube. I had heard of Pimms for a while and she’d been making a lot of noise in Dubai so I got in touch and asked to collaborate. We met on set for the first time and created this magic. I also met Red on set for the first time and we ended up working to together on a few other things that I may talk about in other posts. Knowing Pimms was a singer, I brought my guitar down to the shoot with me. I didn’t tell her about this… But I had planned to do a little behind the scenes music video. We rehearsed a few times here and there during breaks between the shoot and then did our performance for the camera…….