Fuji X-Pro2 Preview: Race to the finish for new kid on the block |
Bill Palmer

For a dedicated X-phile like me the announcement last week of the long-awaited successor to the X-Pro1 was like Christmas all over again. The news that the 100-400mm will also ship shortly was equally welcome. I’ll draw a kindly veil over the X70; I have already made it clear that it will not be gracing a camera bag of mine anytime soon. But oh, the X-Pro2… It looks like our patience has been rewarded in the best possible way. It is, if the specs and the beta tester reports are to be believed, a significant step up from my much-loved X-Pro1 and an evolutionary leap for the range as a whole, incorporating the lessons learned and the best bits from more recent models like the X100T and bringing in new advances such as dual SD cards and of course that new sensor…….

Source: macfilos.com