Cactus V6 With Fuji X100s | Jason Pitcher

I’ve been playing with options for triggering off camera flashes recently, trying to find an optimal solution that works with my x100s. I’m a big fan of off camera flash, having discovered Strobist back in ’09. David Hobby completely changed my attitude to using flash, making it way more fun than I ever thought possible. I have a Nikon kit, with multiple SB 800 flash guns. It took me a while to find my comfort zone with the system, having been to a Joe McNally event and the Flashbus tour event. I won’t go into the TTL vs Manual debate, you have to find your own sweet spot. For me, I prefer manual with control. That is, I’m basically lazy. I watch Hobby running around adjusting his power outputs and feel exhausted. I prefer to dial the power up and down from behind the camera – much more relaxing. This is almost TTL, but without the uncertainty and frustration……

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