How I modified my X-T1 with Sugru | Matt Brandon

This is going to be a short and to-the-point post. I have been using the Fujifilm X-T1 now for a few months and have come to appreciate this camera. I know this sounds nothing like other peoples reviews of this camera. Everyone seems to love this camera but me. For me it has been a love/hate journey. I have never been thrilled with this camera’s form. I liked the rangefinder look of the other X-series cameras. So from the very start, I was disappointed. Once I bought the camera (Yes, bought, contrary to a few of my readers think, Fujifilm does not give me gear.) I was even more frustrated. I suffered from muscle memory from hours of X-E2 use. My biggest challenge was to stop inadvertently hitting the video button. Fuji chose to put the X-T1′s video button right where the fn button on the X-E2 was. On the X-E2, I made that fn button my focus select button. So, once I changed to the X-T1, whenever I wanted to change my focus point, I kept mistakenly pressing the video button instead. Frustrating! After a couple of months of use, this has changed…..

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