Derwentwater Long Exposure Landscapes with the X100T | David Cleland

Recently we embarked on a walking holiday back over to the stunning Lake District in England. We centred our focus on the mountains along Derwentwater and the Newlands Valley. We did the traditional Catbells walk and the views from the top, across the lake are something to behold even on one of the hottest days of the summer. In the evening it was about relaxation, a walk around Keswick and the short walk out to Friar’s Crag to enjoy the sunset. Over the course of a few days I captured a number of Derwentwater long exposure images, one of the advantages of shooting across the lake from Friar’s Crag is the fact the sun is actually setting behind the camera and so it creates a stunning golden hue across the water and mountains on the other side of the lake. The golden hue of the sunset gets richer as the sun goes down and I was really quite taken just how long the process took to reach total darkness. Normally I am scrambling to capture my long exposure images in the last of the light as I am used to the light disappearing suddenly whereas on Derwentwater the light fought to remain and reflected beautifully off surrounding the mountains…….

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Fuji X100T

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