Fujifilm 90mm F2 Review – Sharper than Japanese Steel | Sven Schroeter

The 90mm F2 lens (135mm in 35mm format terms) is the latest portrait warrior from Fujifilm. The optimal focal length for everyone who prefers a slightly more compressed look to their work.  We have always enjoyed the slightly longer focal lengths for their shallower depth of field and tighter field of view.  Thankfully, on this occasion we got a couple days notice before getting the lens. It was just enough time to plan two shoots in order to form an opinion and create some sample imagery. It would have been a shame to rush the opportunity, and we are grateful we didn’t have to. So we organised a street model for Saturday and a martial arts enthusiast to swing his sword on Sunday. When photographing full length (head to toe), we definitely prefer the telephoto focal lengths. Even though the 56mm is our desert island lens, the 90mm produces a cleaner full length image thanks to the added background compression. Backgrounds are just as important, if not essential to image making, especially when working on location where stray geometric patters can ruin an otherwise perfect image…….

Source: www.bokeh-monster.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 90mm F2.0

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