Do Fuji make a bad lens? | Dave Young

Whether it’s a kit zoom lens or a prime lens, the quality of each release appears to be incremental with each lens seemingly getting better with reference to IQ and sharpness. Having shot with both zooms and primes over a number of years, I’m very much a prime lens shooter. I prefer the simplicity a prime lens option gives, and the inherent increased quality you get from shooting prime. However, this line does appear to be getting more blurred with the release of Fuji’s 16-55mm & 50-140mm f/2.8 fixed aperture zooms. I’ve not had the pleasure of shooting with either as yet, but there’s a healthy school of thought to suggest simply these two lenses could remove the need for any other prime lens such is their outstanding quality. When he opportunity presents itself to try them I’ll certainly have something to say about them that’s for sure – so if you have them and want to lend them to me, don’t be shy! ………


Fujinon XF Lenses

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