Sexiest camera ALIVE! | Ivan Joshua Loh

Its been almost 2 years since I gotten my first Fuji X series system. Its a birthday gift from my loving wife. Its the Xpro1 plus 2 lenses. XF35mm F1.4 and XF 14mm F2.8. Boy am I lucky! And boy am I lucky to have a wife! I have always think the Xpro1 looks gougeous. But never though of owning one as the price is not that cheap to start with. Until I had lunch with my good pal and fellow photographer; Joel Lim. He been using the Xpro1 for couple of months already and when I first held it; my first thought was its rather big and AF is not quick enough. Big because I was comparing it with a compact camera and AF is not quick because I was comparing with my DSLR( 1DX ). What a silly comparison. On the good side; I love the beautiful crafted dials. oozing with such sex appeal. The aperture rings, reminds me of a SLR from the old film days. An APS-C size Fuji X-trans sensor for capturing great details. The built quality that is second to none and after awhile I think its not that big after all. Especially when one compare with a DLSR…….


Fuji X-Pro1

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