DPReview Gear of the Year – Fujifilm X100S | Digital Photography Review

Picking our favorite gear from among the great many new products announced every year is usually pretty tough, but this year, for me the choice was easy. The Fujifilm X100S is without doubt my favorite product of 2013.

Fujfilm X100S – What I love:

  • 16MP X-TRANS sensor gives excellent image quality – virtually noiseless JPEGs up to ISO 3200.
  • 35mm (equivalent) F2 lens is sharp at all apertures and excellent for day-to-day photography.
  • Built-in Hybrid electronic / optical finder is luxurious and addictively useful.
  • Manual aperture, shutter and exposure compensation dials look classy, and are great to use.
  • On-sensor phase-detection AF means fast, accurate focus in most conditions.
  • Focus peaking and ‚Digital Split Image‘ MF guides make manual focus easy.

Reviewing the Fujifilm X100S was a great lesson for me in what I should and shouldn’t try to take on. At first it seemed entirely feasible – it’s not like I haven’t reviewed a camera before, and I know its predecessor the X100 very well, so yeah – sure. I’ll review it. I’ll have it done in a month. No big deal…..

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