Fuji XF 18mm f/2 Lens Review | Paul Komarek

The Fuji X-System cameras and XF lenses have come a long way thanks to Fuji’s commitment to fixing problems with firmware updates, rather than just releasing another camera or lens to replace the one with problems. Meet the Fuji XF 18mm f/2 lens, a lens that initially started with some problems, but after several firmware updates, performs quite well and with more than acceptable image quality:

Solid image quality on par with other professional grade lenses including some full-frame digital-SLR lenses from Canon and Nikon. In fact, in testing I performed, the Fuji lens actually outperformed several of these lenses. Compact and lightweight, almost to the point of looking like a pancake lens. No complaints here when it comes to compactness, especially if you’re trying to keep a low profile for candid or street photography shots. The weight of lens is next to nothing which keeps the entire camera system very easy to hold and use for extended periods of time. Fast autofocus. Issues with autofocus have previously plagued the X-Series, but, with firmware updates, these problems are nearly non-existent at this time.

Construction of the lens seems a little on the flimsy side to me, mainly due to how loose the aperture ring feels when turning it, even though I know it’s digitally controlled and not mechanical. While I love how lightweight the lens is, I can’t help but to think that the build quality may have taken a hit to achieve the weight. Unlike the XF 35mm f/1.4 lens, which is tack sharp at f/1.4, even out to the edges, the XF 18mm f/2 isn’t quite as sharp in the corners until you get the aperture stopped down to f/5.6 or greater……

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