First Impressions of the New Fuji X-T2, Sony Killer? | Christopher Cochran

I don’t usually get hyped on the latest and newest gear to come out except for a few exceptions. I always love to see what DJI comes up with because their advancements and price point always amazes me, I will be extremely happy once Canon announces something big in the next coming months, and the final exception is when it comes to a lot of the Fuji gear. I love Fuji lenses, I just think they are the best mirrorless native glass out there and that is my personal opinion. I would choose a Fuji lens over the native glass for Sony, Olympus, and Panasonic… for right now. But that’s just me and my opinion. I don’t usually get hyped over bodies although the last one I did get excited for was the camera I currently use a lot for travel, personal use, and just fun which is my Fujifilm X-T1. I got really, really excited for that camera. Now I am finally excited for another body and it’s the Fujifilm X-T2……

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