Flagship Fuji rangefinder-styled body struts highest resolution X-trans sensor | Dave Pardue

About 5 years ago Fuji dropped a rather unique bomb on the digital camera world when they debuted the X100, a camera that literally looked and felt like it walked straight out of the early 1960’s. It was quirky to use, had some real operations issues, and took quite a lot of flack for the retro design from some corners of the camera world. This was of little consequence to Fuji of course, because they had a bigger problem on their hands in that for some time they couldn’t even keep up with growing consumer demand! Then a year later we saw the next big leap for X-series cameras in the form of the X-Pro1. Not only had Fuji eliminated most of the issues that had plagued the X100, but they gave X-series fans interchangeable lens freedom as well. Fast-forward to present day 2016, and we now have the second coming of the X-Pro line, and it’s sporting an all-new imaging pipeline…….

Source: www.imaging-resource.com