I cancelled my Fuji X-Pro2 order and bought a Canon 7D Mark II | Noah Bershatsky

Why? Because, I really like my Fuji X-T1. Here’s a list of pros about keeping my X-T1:

  • It responds reasonably well.
  • I’m quite happy with the images.
  • The control layout is wonderful.
  • The tilting LCD is very useful.
  • The EVF is quite nice (not as good as the GX8, but still nice)

Is the X-Pro2 a better camera? In most ways, I’m sure it is. Still, here’s my list of cons:

  • The optical viewfinder doesn’t excite me at all. I would never use it, just the EVF (that’s what I do on the used X-Pro1 I bought).
  • I’d really miss the tilting screen.
  • The cost – it’s expensive in comparison to the excellent X-T1.
  • Most importantly, I’d rather have an updated X-T1 with a better EVF, faster focusing, and more resolution……..

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I’m confused… You don’t want an optical view finder so you go with a camera with an optical view finder? You want a camera with a tilt screen so you buy one without? You want an updated X-T1 so you buy a completely different brand that is incompatible with your gear?

The 7D MII isn’t the camera for you either.

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