Follow Your Intuition | Eric Kim

That quiet voice inside your head that says: “That might be interesting— why don’t you take a photo?” Then your rational mind goes: “No, that will be a boring cliche— don’t take a photograph.” The more I’ve been studying and learning about creativity, artistic process, Zen Buddhism, and the habits of productive creatives— I’ve become more and more convinced that following your intuition is much more important than being “rational” in life. In the West, we revere “rational thought”— ever since Plato invented the concept of “naming everything.” However in the East, they have always revered following intuition— very similar to Lao Tzu’s concept of “wu-wei” (action without action) in Taoism. You can see a lot of Eastern arts which promote meditation, using the force of others (Judo), and going with the flow of the river (instead of against it)……..


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Following your intuition is the only way to get it right for yourself and following another only takes you further away from your path to self realization and truely knowing thy self. . To know yourself is most important and necessary for a fulfilling life.

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