Fuji X-E1 on Iceland (18-55mm, Walimex 8mm, LR6) |
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After years of almost only reading and benefiting from your great posts here, here comes a post with pictures from my trip to Iceland. We spent two weeks on Iceland, which was our first time there. The four of us rented a 4×4 and went around the island. The weather was changing every other ten minutes and the conditions for taking photos were against us most of the time (e.g. back light, very hard contrasts, rain, storm, snow.. :)). Also it was not yet very „green“ on the island, due to the quite long winter. And we couldn’t take us as much time as we wanted to spot out the best photo places, as it wasn’t a „photoshoot Journey“ only :) ……

Source: www.dpreview.com

Fuji X-E1

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