I think I am in Love ! | Matthew Hart

I am lost for words and that does not happen very often, this new Fujinon XF16MM F/1.4 WR is just stunning ! One of my biggest reasons changing over from Nikon to Fuji was the Glass and size of the system of course, but the glass and future glass was the draw so I took a leap of faith away from Nikon’s amazing pro glass and it looks like I landed on a bead of four leaf clovers ! Fuji are just making one amazing lens after the other.  I have only had limited time to try out this new lens as I have been so busy but here are a few images from last weekend. I will aim to get some more images in Brighton this weekend if I can sneak some time in for myself. Its full frame equivalent of 24mm is just stunning for Street…….

Source: matthewhartphotography.wordpress.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 16mm F1.4

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