Fuji X-E2 Test Norwich Castle | MGiddings Photography

Apologies to brides this is very much a photography type blog post today and hope it’s not too boring. Having tested a Fuji X-E1 at Norwich Cathedral recently I wanted to test the Fuji X-E2 in similar conditions, basically low light as I would expect to find at weddings. So today I popped to Norwich Castle to see how the X-E2 performed. I was using the Fuji 18-55 2.8 to 4 OIS lens in all these shots. The Fuji X-E2 is obviously an update the X-E1 but visually they look the same and are the same size. There is a slight difference on the rear with a different button placement and a larger LCD screen. The most important update is the addition of phase detect autofocus that Fuji claims increases focus speed and accuracy. Both use the same sensor (more or less) but the processor has been upgraded to the EXR Processor II. There is plenty of technical information about this camera on the web and you can read all about the X-E2 on the Fuji website here …….

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