Fuji X Pro 2 video quality a huge step up | Andrew Reid

I am really pleased to say the video quality of the X Pro 2 is seriously impressive. It’s not 4K but it’s enormously satisfying, sharp and detailed. What’s great is that now we can finally shoot moving images with Fuji’s superb film-like colour science, without having to worry about image quality. At the heart of the new camera is a brand new 24MP sensor and fast image processor. Fuji custom specced the new sensor, but Sony built it. The X Pro 2 maintains their X-Trans array on top of the Sony sensor. I suspect the fundamental architecture of the sensor might be our first glimpse of Sony’s next cutting edge APS-C CMOS. It is a copper process, like the Samsung NX1 and Sony A7R II sensor which enable very high speed full pixel readout for video. The new sensor and image processor are 4K capable, so 1080p benefits from a full pixel readout. Indeed the image is now very sharp and detailed, with moire and aliasing reduced to an absolute minimum…….

Source: www.eoshd.com