Fuji X-T1 Doubts | Rachel Ruffer

I dreamt about this camera for weeks and weeks. Pondered about whether or not to order it. Scoured the internet for sample images and review posts. Everyone was in love with it. People were replacing their DSLRs with this camera. And I wanted that so bad. Like, you have no idea. I absolutely LOVE my X100s and wanted so bad to make the switch from Canon. I haven’t always had the best of luck with focus systems on Canons, and not to mention… they are HEAVY. So the idea of a small, light camera system called to me like a siren song. I told the Mister how I NEEDED it. How it was going to change everything. How it couldn’t wait. When will I ever learn? Don’t get me wrong. This camera is great! But there are a few things about it that I didn’t think about before purchasing it – and they’re kind of deal breakers. The first is that I have the 35mm lens, which from my research is one of the first lenses Fuji came out with for the X system. So it is SLOW. And quite loud. I’m really not a fan. It also does a lot of back and forth trying to focus, even if the focus was basically where it should have been and maybe just needed fine tuning. Yep. Let’s focus all the way to 0.1 m and back again. Unbelievably frustrating……..

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