Fuji X-T1: ISO test | Wim Arys


I’ve had some comments on pictures taken with the X-Trans II CMOS sensor in my stories section, by bedroom experts stating that some are noisy. Well let’s go back into time, when film roll was still used and dinosaurs probably still roamed the earth… An ISO 400 film would already exhibit a high amount of noise. Not to be confused with the digital noise we see in modern day cameras, with colour artefacts and sometimes extreme loss of detail. This analogue grain is still considered pleasing by some dinosaur photographers today (yes I’m being ironic), and is added to many published pictures to give more contrast, more detail, improve the blacks… As I see it, this is the approach the company takes to ISO noise. They use it to their advantage instead of the more clinical approach a company like Sony does. One last remark on noise reduction: applying it to the Fuji X-T1 does impact sharpness, so it should be used carefully…..

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