Hong Kong 2014 – Everyday Life and Spirituality | Will Lee

For many, the mention of Hong Kong conjures up images of towering skyscrapers across Victoria Harbour or from the heights of Victoria Peak, but there’s much more to the city than a pretty cityscape. Granted, the views are awe-inspiring and I’ve often found my thoughts lost amongst its skyscrapers, but the people and its culture are equally, if not more so, worthy of being photographed. For what Hong Kong lacks in sweeping vistas for landscape photography, it more than compensates when it comes to street photography. I love Hong Kong’s juxtaposition of old and new together combined with a lot of people’s general lack of vanity or at least the level of vanity we’re accustomed to in the UK. Even amongst the younger generations, you get a strong sense of the importance of tradition, family, spirituality, religion and respect. I can’t convey the breadth of Hong Kong life in a few blog posts, but hopefully my first set of street photography in Hong Kong offered a glimpse into the lesser seen Hong Kong. Here’s another batch of photographs which are a mix of everyday life together with everyday spirituality.  For the photographers, there’s some technical info further down this post……

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