Fuji X100T: How Matchtechnical’s new ThumbsUp transforms
handling and adds to stability | Mike Evans

Last week my colleague Bill Palmer was bemoaning his difficulty in getting comfortable with the Fuji X100S he bought a few months ago. The difficulty of getting a good grip on his camera has persuaded him to abandon thoughts of buying the latest X100T. I agree with him that the X100 cameras are relatively difficult to hold steadily but I haven’t given up on the X100T. Bill has tried thumb grips and the Fuji accessory grip in order to make the X100S a bit more steady in the hands. Taking his tip, I added an old ThumbsUp to the X100T which I am currently reviewing and find it does add to stability. I refuse to follow Bill’s trail to the accessory grip because it spoils the essence of the X100. It is first and foremost a small, convenient fixed lens camera. If you really want a larger grip, better to buy an X-T1 in the first place. A thumb grip is different matter. It adds nothing to bulk but quite clearly enhances stability. The only problem with my old ThumbsUp, which was designed for the X-E1, is that it covers the adjustment dial and partly obscures the drive button. Otherwise it did the job…….

Source: macfilos.com

Fuji X100T

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