Fuji XF90mm f2 + MCEX tubes, still good? | Jason Pitcher

I’ve seen a lot of previews and reviews of the XF90mm f2, raving about it’s sharpness and bokeh and weather sealing and autofocus, most people using an XT1 with it. I wanted to know how well it performs with an X-Pro1 and the Fuji extension tubes. I wanted to know this because that’s what I’ve got, but no one seemed to run this lens with my set up. Olaf Sztaba has a nice blog post of the 90 with the MCEX 11, with some lovely images, but not with the MCEX 16 and with an XT1. So, I went to the mountain. I’ve just taken a few shots with a fairly consistent setup, not the same every time  because of the changing minimum focus distance, but pretty close. I did try to do this free hand, but quickly gave that up and bolted the rig to a tripod. I was too lazy to set up a flash, so window light on an objet d’art is the subject. I wanted to get the shutter speed up a bit so dialed this in at ISO 1600. For the testing I shot wide open at f2.0 and at f5.6, again too lazy to take more at f8 etc………

Source: jasonpitcher.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 90mm F2.0

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