Fuji XM-FL vs XF 23mm: The most fun you can have with your lenses on | Bill Palmer

Last year Fuji brought out a bit of an oddity, a body cap lens. The XM-FL is only available in Japan as at time of writing. In order to get hold of mine I had to resort to eBay and part with seventy-five quid and get it shipped halfway around the world. Two weeks after pressing the button it arrived; possibly the lightest lens-containing parcel I have ever received. In the box you get the XM-FL and… well that’s about it. The instruction sheet is in Japanese (naturally) but a bit of diligent Googling led me to this excellent illustrated run-down on Petapixel. Fuji describes the XM-FL (according to Google Translate) as a „filter lens“. In reality it is either a toy lens or a very thick and simultaneously quite clever body cap, depending upon your point of view. It’s an all-plastic construction affair with a turret arrangement that changes the function of the unit as you twiddle a dial on the side. That dial has notches so that you can work out which setting is which…….

Source: macfilos.com