Using Manual Lenses With the Fuji X System | Roy Cruz

It’s the lunar new year here in Korea, so I’d like to wish you all 새해복많이받으세요 (best wishes for the new year)! I’m at my in-laws’ place for the holidays so I thought I’d do a bit of blogging between the food, drinks, and karaoke :D. Using manual lenses with the Fujifilm X system is a great option to experiment and expand your camera system.  Third-party lens manufacturers such as Samyang produce very high quality and relatively affordable manual focus lenses.  Moreover, numerous adapters on the market open the doors to endless possibilities that span multiple brands and decades worth of lenses.  From Canon to Nikon, M42 to Leica, the rabbit hole goes very deep for using adapters and lenses for your Fuji X.  Yes, you lose autofocus functionality, but the manual focus assist options provided by mirrorless cameras has made manual lenses very easy to use. Personally, I went for a combination of modern third-party and classic M42 screw mount lenses……..