Fujifilm X-E2 Review and Real-World Write-Up | Matthew Maddock


In many ways the X-E2 is just a small series of incremental updates to the already very good X-E1, but all these minor updates add up to much more than the sum of their parts and produce a far more rounded, much easier to use camera that is capable of surpassing all the previous X-Mount cameras and producing stunning images in the right hands. I think it would be hard for anyone to really complain about the auto-focus system in the X-E2.  It is a big improvement on the previous generation of X-Mount cameras when shooting real-world photographs.  In that regard Fujifilm should be congratulated for getting their act together.  If the past couple of years are anything to go by I can only see things getting better on this front too as Fujifilm seem keen to improve existing models rather than just releasing a replacement every few months. The X-E2 builds upon the past couple of years and very quickly has become the camera I grab for pretty much everything I do.  Combine it with the 27mm pancake lens and you have something that can fit into a coat pocket yet able to produce images every bit as good as the best dSLRs around. Alternatively fit the 35mm or 23mm f/1.4 lenses to be blown away with what you can do with such a compact system.  The kit 18-55mm lens doesn’t disappoint either, providing affordability whilst producing amazingly sharp images, and is a great point to start building an X-Series system from…….

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