Fujifilm X Pro-1 for Wedding | Colin Michael Photographer

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It’s not often I get excited about camera gear as I’m very much a “it’s-not-about-the-camera” kind of photographer but the new Fuji X Pro-1 has me quite excited! I’m not going to bore you with all the technical details that you can read on the camera geek websites; I’ll talk about why this camera is or is not suitable as a camera for professional wedding photographer use (or maybe as an SLR alternative to my clients who have photographic aspirations), image quality and overall feel. This definitely isn’t the kind of blog post that I normally do but there’s so little information and quality reviews by working professional photographers about this camera that I want to share my thoughts. This is going to serve as my preliminary thoughts, I’ll post a more comprehensive review with sample images later. Note that at this time Lightroom does not support the RAW files from the X Pro-1 so I will be shooting jpeg and thus heavily relying on the in-camera processing.
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