Fujifilm X-pro2 in Slovenia , Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina | William Chua

I made a personal trip to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina recently during the Chinese New Year Break. Thanks to Fujifilm Singapore, I managed to use the Xpro2 during the trip. Not exactly a review of the xpro2. But just sharing my experiences and images taken with the camera. I have to admit, I did not really like its predecessor, xpro1. So I was not really looking forward to the xpro2, especially since I am so happy with the xt1. But i have to say that I am very impressed with the xpro2 during this trip i loved it so much that most of my images taken during the trip was with the xpro2.. rather than my xt1. And I did not need any DSLR at all.. At first glance, the camera looks and feels great. Have always loved Fuji’s design……..

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