Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review | White Cube Studios

It’s always nice when Fuji calls and says, “Hey, wanna test out a new product?” This time it was the X-Pro2. I only had it for a week though so this is not such an intense review… just my thoughts and opinions around using it for a very short time. The first thing I noticed when I held it was that it’s bigger and heavier than the X-T1…. yes, I forgot to mention, I shoot with an X-T1 most of the time. The second thing I noticed was that the diopter has markings to show which setting is zero and which way is positive and negative. I love that because sometimes I don’t trust my own eyes. So I need someone to tell me what’s zero. An hour after receiving it, I’d gone down to see Paul from Organic Beard Co. to shoot some product shots for his website…. and that was the first time I actually looked through the viewfinder…..

Source: whitecubestudios.ae