Preparing for the Fuji X-Pro 2 | Louis Ferreira

When the X-Pro 1 launched I bought all the lenses available for the system, but eventually sold all but the Fujinon XF35 1.4 because it gave me the best performance and focal length for street shooting. that time, there wasn’t a catalog of lenses to dig through, but now Fuji has an excellent selection of lenses. For people new to Fuji there really aren’t any bad lenses, but the more recently released lenses focus a bit quicker and are significantly quieter than the original X mount lenses, like the XF35 F1.4XF18 F2, and XF60 F2.4. The original line up of X mount lenses were all excellent, although the XF18 F2 had some optical imperfections that are inherent in pancake lens designs…….