Fujifilm X-T2 First Impressions Review | Brendan Nystedt

Fujifilm’s rise from bit player to camera geek darling was improbable given the downturn of the camera industry. Starting with the X100, Fujifilm went from making so-so point-and-shoots (along with some rebranded Nikon DSLRs—remember those?) to focusing on enthusiast-minded cameras that looked like film cameras from the good ol‘ days.But not every camera in the X series has been a hit. Since the advent of the X mount interchangeable lens family in 2012, Fujifilm has tried a number of different tacks to get things just right. X-Pro1 was a great camera, but not everyone likes using a rangefinder-style optical viewfinder. Arguably it wasn’t until 2014’s X-T1 that Fujifilm hit the sweet spot. For style and performance, it went up against some of the best of the mirrorless category and won. Buyers fell in love with the X-T1 thanks to Fuji’s awesome lenses, its peach of a sensor, humongous OLED EVF, and retro-style physical controls……..

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