Fujifilm X100T Revisited | Keenan Hastings

Leaving Fujifilm was bittersweet. The aesthetic of the cameras were awesome, but if I had to be 100% honest I wasn’t in love with the specs on paper. The brand itself reminded me of Apple, the technology seemed a year behind, but everything worked so well. Fujifilm made me forget about megapixels and full-framed sensor’s, but it was one thing the cameras lacked at and it was fast auto-focus.This problem seemed consistent with every body that I tried, including the X-E1, X-E2, X-Pro 1, X-T1 and even the XQ2… I loved them all, but again it was the auto-focus that really turned me off. However, there is one camera that I remember loving and that was the X100T. My time with this camera was brief and by brief, I mean less than 60 days. It was a beauty, it gave me confidence, it received compliments and I felt like a real photographer…Except I was an inexperienced one. When I had the X100T I was fairly new to photography. I was just know figuring out what RAW was, I didn’t understand why my subjects were blurry when I used the electronic shutter… I didn’t know what an electronic shutter was. I had no real reason to be sharing my opinions on this camera as I wasn’t 100% aware of its capabilities……

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