Fujifilm XF 23mm F1.4 R real-world samples gallery |
Digital Photography Review

We’ve been shooting for a while with Fujifilm’s latest X-system lens, the XF 23mm F1.4R, and have prepared a gallery of real-world samples. They cover variety of subjects and lighting conditions, and were all shot on the X-E2. We’ve also quickly summarised our impressions of the lens’s handling and image quality below. The XF 23mm F1.4 R follows essentially the same design approach as the XF 14mm F2.8 R which we reviewed earlier this year. It’s a solidly-made, metal-barrelled lens with a focus ring which can be pulled towards the camera to engage manual focus, revealing a distance and depth-of-field scale in the process. It also has an aperture ring with settings from F1.4 to F16 in one-third stops, plus an ‚A‘ setting. Autofocus is pretty fast (especially on the X-E2), very quiet, and unerringly accurate……

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