Fujifilm XM-FL 24mm f/8 First Impressions Review | Brendan Nystedt

While jaded enthusiasts might roll their eyes at them, we love the weird and wild world of toy lenses. The cheaper, the better. So, when Fujifilm announced its new XM-FL 24mm f/8 filter lens (MSRP ¥12,582—or about $105) for the Japanese market, the company had our attention immediately. Featuring three selectable filters, this tiny lens could easily be your body cap, with the added bonus of being able to help you take ridiculously fun photos. Given the nature of this tiny little lens, we can’t fault it for its cheap-feeling plastic body. While this little guy is made in Japan, it has a super simple construction with little flare. We’re probably lucky that it even comes in two colors—silver and black…….

Source: cameras.reviewed.com