The end of printing | Don Craig

2015 sees the end of printing at the Queen’s Printer.Established in 1859, the Queen’s Printer has served the province of British Columbia as the legislative printer for over 150 years. As of this year, the Queen’s Printer will no longer print in-house. The press room will be empty. I have worked as a designer for the provincial government of British Columbia since 2006. In that time, I have lost count of the jobs that have been printed at QP. The number of printed jobs I produce each year has diminished, with more online delivery of communications materials, however, printing jobs across the street from my office has always been a regular part of my work experience. All of that is changing. In February 2015, QP closes it’s press room. Although they will still act as brokers for printing through outside resources, Queen’s Printer will be a different place. The building across the street will seem strangely quiet without the repetitive clacking of the presses and hum of machinery. One of the last jobs to run are the materials for this year’s budget. While this job was printing, I was able to make photos in the press room, documenting the end of an era. The last print run……


Fuji X-E2

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