Fujifilm’s X70, Your Ideal Trip Cam? | Anthony Thurston

Fujifilm’s X-Pro 2 has all of the Fuji buzz right now, thanks to its flagship status, but today I wanted to chat with you about another recent Fujifilm offering – the X70. This is Fuji’s take on what a premium compact camera should be, and it has some significant things to note over other cameras in this market segment, including a large APS-C sensor and a flipable, selfie capable, rear LCD. The APS-C sensor you find in the X-70 is none other than the same (more or less) 16MP X-Trans sensor that Fuji has been rocking in their X-Series cameras like the X-T1 and X-E2. It is a sensor that we know is very capable in a wide variety of situations and having it included in such a small, compact package makes for an incredibly portable – yet powerful – combination…….

Source: Fujifilm’s X70, Your Ideal Trip Cam? – Resource Magazine