How to choose a film Leica M rangefinder | Michael Fraser

I’m often asked, „Which Leica M should I buy?“. My usual response is to run down the features of the various models and compare this to what the photographer is looking for in a camera. At this point, it generally becomes clear which M is right. Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a Leica M, you’re confronted with a bewildering assortment of models released over the past 60 years. In order to streamline the decision making process, I’ve summarized the decision making process into a handy dandy flow chart. This chart includes all of the major Leica M models made since 1954, but excludes the Leica CL and Leitz Minolta CLE. The chart also excludes non-Leica M compatible rangefinders such as the Zeiss Ikon, Konica RF, and the Voigtlander Bessa cameras; these are fine cameras, but for the purpose of this post, I’m assuming you’re looking for a camera made by Leica. Finally, I’ve not included more specialist M cameras, like the M1 and MDa, which lack a viewfinder, rangefinder, or both……..


Leica M

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